• October 17, 2016

Great Brands Appeal to All Five Senses

Great Brands Appeal to All Five Senses

When it comes to defining your brand, you want to create something that sticks. Businesses can deliver the ultimate branding message by touching on as many senses as possible.

Big brands are incorporating different senses into their branding techniques. Therefore small businesses should also begin to re-think their own strategies to not only boost sales, but to prepare the company for success in the future world of advertising.


The sense of smell is a powerful tool, and can trigger emotions that aren’t exactly defined, but have a distinctive attachment to an object or place.

Remember the leathery aroma when you bought your first new car? As the car leaves the production line, an autoworker spritzes the “new car smell” fragrance throughout the interior. This is a marketing ploy that taps directly and successfully into fantasy.

The result: Lancer Evo X sold out in two weeks and Mitsubishi’s sales increased by 16 percent, even during a recession.


The sense of sound is more easily conveyed, but can just as easily be done wrong in an advertising campaign. A sound can be a jingle, a unique voice, slogan, or familiar noise.

Brands with music that “fit” their brand identity are 96 percent likelier to prompt memory recall. Victoria’s Secret, for example, plays classical music in their stores, which creates an exclusive atmosphere and lends an air of prestige to the merchandise.

Over the next decade, there will be major shifts in the way we perceive brands. As we’re seeing more with current mainstream brands, companies will need to start appealing to the emotions of customers.


The sense of taste is most easily conveyed in the food and beverage industry, but not every business takes advantage of it. Kellogg’s considers the crunchiness of the grain as having everything to do with the triumph of the brand, which is why their ads emphasize the crunch we hear and feel in our mouths.


This is the area where businesses selling products, especially household items, can really let the quality speak for itself.

One example of the power of touch is from Infinite Apple Premium Reseller with its dummy gadget, because in a study on the cell phone industry, 35 percent of consumers stated that the way their cell phone feels is more important than the way it looks.


For obvious reasons, sight is the most powerful tool because 83 percent of the information people retain is received visually. The most effective way to take advantage of sight is by shape, consider perfume bottles.

Statistics show that 40 percent of all perfume purchase decisions are based on the design of the bottle.

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